Any time you are with your dog,
one of you is training the other

Customized to you and your dog’s needs, this service is provided in your home beginning with a 90 minute consultation. Follow-up sessions can be purchased in one hour sessions or discounted packages.

This service provides customized training for your and your dog while you are at work, resulting in happy dog, happy you! Weekly recaps are provided, giving you the opportunity to continue the training on your own. 

Success for you and your puppy depends on a good balance of obedience, lifestyle and socialization training during this crucial learning period. We offer an array of services to achieve confidence in knowing you and your puppy are off to a right start!

If you are interested in a more concentrated training program for puppy or dog, we offer a board & train option. Or perhaps you are going on vacation and would like training while you are away. Either way, you dog or puppy is well looked after in Colleen’s family home with a customized training plan to meet you and your dogs needs.

group classes

Group classes provide an opportunity for your puppy or dog to learn in a group setting. Classes are offered at Seattle Humane Society located in Bellevue.


We pride ourselves in customizing services that meet you and your dogs needs. You may not see a service offered here, but that doesn’t mean we can’t help you. We are happy to discuss any particular needs you may have or behavioral issues you may be experiencing.

Booking a 90 minute consultation ($135) provides the opportunity to gain insight into you and your dogs needs to fully assess realistic goals. This is a way for us to really get to know you and your dog, and what you want to achieve.